Sir Blayke & Ava Maybee Impress The Judges During Hollywood Week – American Idol 2022

There’s no better time than Hollywood Week to step into your own artistry and seize the spotlight! Sir Blayke and Ava Maybee are forces to be reckoned with!


samsung user:

I’m a trillion times overjoyed that I’m not a judge this season because these talented vocalists are bringing out all of the feels!


Ava Maybee giving us a soul rendition of Roxanne, wailing it out. She def left it all out on the stage. Love the light sweet ending. – So You Wanna Be A Singer


I like how artistic and courageous both these singers are with their self-expression. Even though I’m older than both by quite a bit, they inspire me.


Sir Blayke was clearly nervous, but his connection to the song I believe was deep.
Ava was really good, but I think the judges were more impressed with her lower register in her audition.

O C:

Ava is great. Love the texture of her voice. 💗


ava lower tone is so lovely the higher tone was way too high pitched started to hurt after a while

Persy Sweet:

Sir Blayke started off nervous and hit some wonky notes but his tone is really lovely and gorgeous. He’s coming into his own and made the song his own and was full of emotions. I really believe in him and that he could go far. Ava is a star. Her audition was great but still too short and I am glad that we got to hear more from her. Ava is proving herself to us and has some amazing growly voice and great range. She’s going to continue to get better so look out. She’s one of those artists that people will sleep on but eventually grow on her.

Robby Widjaja:

Ava’s voice is deeper than mine whose a grown up man. Lol. Good song choice for her and her character. Love the whole package.

Desiree White:

Ava had best so far for Hollywood week she seems like she’s going to keep getting better and better with coaching


Sir Blayke’s tone was absolutely magnificent! I was getting chills constantly 🤩🤩


Man, you know American Idol is old when they got grandkids and kids of older generations of divas, rockstars and contestants on the show. Emotional and good stuff.