Snoop Dogg REACTS to Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars Slap

‘Extra’s’ Rachel Lindsay spoke to Snoop Dogg after Week 2 of ‘American Song Contest.’ Snoop dished on his Oscars night out at Guy Oseary’s star-studded party and reacted to that onstage smackdown between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Turning to the competition, he also revealed his favorite performance from the latest round of qualifiers! ‘American Song Contest’ airs Mondays on NBC.


Just Some Guy without a Mustache:

Snoop is literally just a whole vibe, some of us here dream of having a joint with him even just once in our lives. What a humble, chill and outgoing dude.


I like Snoop’s response and how humble he was. As big as a celebrity that he is, it’s still awesome to see that someone like him can still be a fan of others.


Snoop energy is like no other. I got to see him live and he was just living in the moment and having a blast.

Windsong Moonchild:

Snoop has a very soothing voice. He’s already doing commercials but he should also do voice-overs. His voice is so chill.

Bradley Winter:

Imagine if Chris would have stepped back and Will missed he would have been chasing him all around the stage tryna get his slap in now that would have been entertaining

Matthew Yelton:

she was actually a great reporter. questions worded right. knew how to match vibes but kept it professional all at the same time

Jamie Bee:

“I don’t know and still don’t know.” Perfect answer. Snoop just tries to stay out of the drama of everything. One of the reasons why I respect him so much.


Props to the interviewer for not pushing the slap thing on him, a lot of them push and push till they get a response they like or feel can get them views. This whole interview was a vibe. So glad Snoop got to meet some people he was a fan of, him and Robin Williams are legit my only idols in life lol

Pahn Dah:

Snoop can always just be “Snoop”, there’s really no drama to him, and that’s why people love him so much. We just see Snoop Dogg and know he’s just chillin, cool af…

DRU Money:

How can you not vibe with this dude? Even with the BS somehow he finds a way to smooth it out & turn it into a POSITIVE Environment .