Soul, Baby! Christian Guardino Leaves Lionel Richie Speechless! – American Idol 2022

Christian Guardino can make any song his own, even a Kings of Leon song. This boy has so much soul that it leaves Lionel Richie speechless.



Christian taking on a different groove. He has such big open vocals and in your face approach. He can sing anything, I think, and bring his soul into it.

Bilox213 YT:

This proves how important song choices are. This kid is on a completely different level vocally and it was clear he made it through on past performances. I think he can win !

Know Me:

This guy is just plain sick. I remember hearing him for the first time several weeks ago and goose bumps all over my body. He is a natural-born singer and has only proved it in his performances. Definitely top 10, maybe top 5!

Janice Laurin:

So glad he made it through! So many awesome singers this year. I love all of them. Even the ones who didn’t make it need to know that they are phenomenal just to make it this far in the competition. A lot of talented people out there.


I said he was going to win but no longer sure. He is definitely top 3. His song choices are going to be very important going forward.

samsung user:

Christian, you consistently stay one to watch! I sure do hope you go far in this competition because you have a great big voice with crazy vocal skills! I’m certainly invested in seeing you strike nothing but vocal home runs! Congratulations!

Persy Sweet:

Christian is a star and did an awesome job with the song. He’s proving that he can sing anything. It doesn’t matter what he sings and should sing what he wants.


This song choice might be good for Showstopper Night, but was it showstopping? I don’t know. All I know is the Guardino has amazing vocal chops and I can’t wait more from him.