Sydney Sweeney’s Grandparents Had a Surprising Reaction to ‘Euphoria’ Scenes

Actress Sydney Sweeney explained to Ellen that while she was very excited to invite her family to the season premiere of “Euphoria,” she forgot about her revealing scenes the first episode. She divulged that her grandparents had a very surprising reaction to her nude scenes shown on the big screen. The star also chatted about accomplishing her bucket list goal of being on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, and how she’s working on restoring a car.



I’m so confused by her tbh. She told a similar story on Drew Barrymore’s show but said her father and grandparents started watching Euphoria at home once, not at a premiere with her, and were mortified when they saw her topless and stopped watching. And she’s said the amount of nudity on Euphoria is unnecessary. I’m just confused lol

Natalie Lungovic:

I love her vibe, Ellen definitely doesn’t pass the vibe check. I feel uncomfortable watching Ellen just sitting there


She looks so enchanting like out of a scene from the movie enchanted , giving ferry vibes and then the slip of her legit boxing, didn’t expect that

Tena Di Biase:

Great interview.. & Sydney working on her awesome older Bronco is super cool! Plus.. the boxing!👍


i just realised that mostly everyone in the cast of euphoria sound exactly like the characters they play in the show.

Jiyun Lee:

my first impression of her is that she’s like half and half – amanda seyfried half, billie eilish half
she’s beautiful!


That’s really awesome that she works on cars, I don’t find it AMAZING!! LOL it’s knowledge we should all know but kudos to her!!!

King Kobra:

Hey! Don’t quit, God gave you this path cause he knows you’re built for it 😤. Keep pushing,the reward is gonna be even better

Christopher Fraser:

My wife & I tried watching Euphoria but didn’t make it through one episode. Just didn’t jive for either of us.