The Reason Will Smith spazzed out on Chris Rock | He’s tired of people humiliating him & Jada!



Jayda might have more “health issues” than what she’s letting on. She said she’s got alopecia but we really don’t know.


“Beyonce was putting on her best PR smile ” 😂😂
That woman is like a vault

Theo aire:

“He’s tired of people humiliating him and jada “ Weren’t they the ones that forced EVERY detail of their relationship down our throats for no reason

Fun with CFS:

People mocked Will’s open marriage, but supported him assaulting someone. That’s what’s wrong with the world in one sentence. We turn sex and love into something shameful, and elevate violence into something to be praised.

Tamika Okelly:

I don’t think Will Smith took responsibility for his actions. He blamed anyone else but himself. He blamed Love, life pressure, the character King Richard and even the devil. Not Will Smith himself


There’s no excuse for pure violence.
Especially when someone is making comedy. Imagine if Ricky Gervais had been slapped by one of his people for each joke he made at the Oscars. Violence is a very scary thing, and Will knows that, he grew up with violence. He knows better. A lot of people are bullied and have a hard time in life – should everyone be excused to do the same as Will?


What I would’ve rather seen is instead of slapping Chris, Will could’ve waited until his acceptance speech to address Chris’s comment about Jada in a blunt yet dignified way. Showing Jada that he didn’t let it slide and letting Chris know that what he said wasn’t right.

Mellis Dan:

While everyone’s debating about Will in the comments I’m still dying over Empressive’s commentary on Beyonce, Jay Z, Nicole, and Lupita’s reaction 😂

Tea Jack:

I legit thought it was staged until Will started cursing. Everybody in the crowd was clearly shook 😭


He didn’t “lose his cool”…he laughed at the joke, thought about it and made the decision to go onto the stage and slap Chris. Stop making all these excuses for him, there’s a billion other ways he could have handled this and “stood up for his wife.”