Valerie Bertinelli TEARS UP Over Son Wolf’s GRAMMYs Nomination (Exclusive)

Valerie Bertinelli and her son, Wolf Van Halen, chat with ET at the 64th annual GRAMMY awards, airing Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on CBS. Valerie gets emotional over her son’s best rock song nomination for ‘Distance,’ a tribute song to his late father, Eddie Van Halen. The mother and son are accompanied by Wolf’s girlfriend, Andraia Allsop, who says she’s ‘so proud’ to stand by her boyfriend on this special night. They also discuss Wolf’s social media joke about being thankful that Kylie Jenner changed her son’s name.


Sophia L.:

What a cute interview. The host were so good and engaging, Even I was going to cry lol. I love Valerie she’s always been a good mom. It’s so nice to see a son of celebrities hold his own. I do believe his father would have been over the moon to see him follow in his footsteps.

Angela Langdon:

A momma’s love and devotion to her child…regardless of age…is so powerful and beautiful…

Big John:

They deserve all the happiness and fame that comes his way WOLFY WE LUV YOU

Eileen Chmielewski:

I simply adore Valerie and think Wolf needs to win tonight!!! Such talent, wow!

Comment Highlighted:

What a good humble guy. I wish him Much success and can’t wait to hear what’s to come!!! 🙂

Like Me Or Don’t:

Valerie Bertinelli does not age. She’s as cute as she was when she first started acting on television.

niznomore s:

Hope he wins so bad. Everytime I watch that vid or hear it I start crying. A rock song that gets you emotional and hits ya in the heart should be recognized as exceptional

Johanna Bhattarai:

I love Wolfs music it’s awesome his dad would be so damn proud just like his mum , he deserves it he’s got a lifetime of music yet to come , and it’s gonna be amazing 🤩 ♥️

Judy Cerda:

Valerie still has the same hairstyle that she had when she was on one day at a time. She still has the same young sounding voice too and I think that’s great. She’s still pretty. I remember when I was a little girl I used to look up to her when she was a teenager on one day at a time. I loved watching that show because of her acting in her presence. I still enjoy watching the reruns sometimes.