Walker Scobell Constantly Tried to Scare His ‘The Adam Project’ Co-Star Ryan Reynolds

Ellen welcomed Walker Scobell, the 13-year-old breakout star of “The Adam Project.” He made his acting debut playing Ryan Reynolds’ younger self, and explained that he was nervous around Ryan at first, but then warmed up to him enough to scare him constantly on set. The young actor also talked about how he lost a few teeth while filming the movie.


Dr Sone:

He obviously was nervous in this one I saw him in another interview and he actually was so funny especially reciting the deadpool scenes word by word

Alina O.:

That boy is great. How he managed to be so funny and charming while being nervous is really beyond me

JoAnne Weiss:

He’s a natural, like Jacob Tremblay!!! This kid has the sweetness & humility, may be never lose it becoming the huge star he will! Funny too, so nervous bc it’s Ellen💖


He is so cute how he got nervous explaining HIS movie 🥺😭 it looks like he got more nervous when everyone was laughing. protect him at all costs 💛

Ryan Delepierre:

Such a cool and hilarious kid. It probably helped him to see that even an experienced performer/interviewer could get thrown off and nervous.


He obviously looked so nervous in this interview, but i loved how he tried to collect himself & overcomed it. He did such an amazing job portraying young Adam along with Ryan. he’s so adorable !! <3

Dose of Emily:

He was spot on playing a younger Ryan Reynolds, to the point that it was what made the movie. I hope he and Ryan team up again!


Oh wow, I’m impressed! As nervous as he is, he made a Ryan Gosling joke that was VERY well-timed and cheeky! Looks like he may have learned a bit TOO much from his fake dad. :p