Wanda Sykes & Amy Schumer ‘Traumatized’ By Will Smith Slap Incident

Oscars co-hosts Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer break their silence on Will Smith’s slapping incident, with Schumer saying she’s “triggered and traumatized,” while Sykes adds the whole thing was “sickening” to watch. Sangita Patel and Carlos Bustamante react on ET Canada Live.


Dee Shan:

I’m so glad more people are speaking up about this heinous act by Will. All of the Hollywood stars in that room who gave him a smiling standing ovation and then partied with him should be ashamed for what they supported that night! Denzel Washington, Tiffany Haddish, etc. were only concerned with protecting their friend’s reputation and the rest of them fell in line. Also people like Jameela Jamil who made it about race, even though it wasn’t. Just embarrassing all around.

Teresa Baxter:

I agree with Thomas Haden, Will NEEDS to be accountable for his actions if the OSCARS want to maintain their credibility they must hold him accountable for assaulting a man on live national television in front of millions of viewers. I can’t see how the OSCARS can just look the other way on this one and try to maintain their credibility.


What Will Smith did to Chris Rock was atrocious. Everyone consoling him after he assaulted Chris Rock, like Will was somehow an injured party, was pathetic. It was sickening that he acted like his wife was his property & his property was insulted. I always thought Will Smith was a great guy and now we know he is just an insecure thug. Furthermore, his then likening himself to Mr. Williams in the movie was grotesque. Will Smith was not protecting anyone. He is just an an extremely privileged person who acts like because he is highly paid, he is more important than other people. He is not. He is just an actor. He needs to get over himself. He also needs to be charged with assault, it doesn’t matter whether Chris Rock wants him charged.


Let’s put it this way if a random person came on stage and did that he would get guaranteed jail time for the incident just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you can escape the law.

Sandra D:

When it comes to physical violence, especially in such a public way, bystanders are victims too. It’s called collateral damage. Many, especially Chris, may experience PTSD brought on by such a cowardly violent and traumatic event. And boy was this traumatic – no one was expecting it.
Chris needs vindication and validation to help him heal. The Academy has it in their power to give him that.


Nobody has mentioned that he needs to apologise to the William sisters and how he totally tarnished the film about their father.. as someone who grew up with violence and abuse…this made me feel sick. There is no excuse to lay your hands on another person.

Viktor Mansion:

So glad Amy and Wanda defended Chris Rock and said they were really traumatized by what happened. Chris is both of their friends. Comedians usually stick together and defend each other.

Professional Dog Trainer:

Will Smith should be banned from the Oscars indefinitely. This isn’t just about Will Smith and Chris Rock. It’s about the way we overlook egregious behavior when it’s attached to celebrities. The utter lack of response to this situation is a scary statement about how much famous people can get away with. If they can get away scot-free when committing a criminal offense in front of a live audience, and on live TV, you can only imagine what types of transgressions against society will then be ignored when they are done behind closed doors.


I am a wife of 25 years who has alopecia. If husband did what Will did, I would have lost my crap on him for embarrassing me so badly. I’d also insist on some professional help for anger management.

Marie Canales:

I as a viewer am still traumatized by Will Smith’s terrible actions. It is a double whammy that he was allowed to stay and receive his Oscar and be given extra time to speak. Unbelievable and really insulting to people who are civiized.

Matias Gabriel:

Will Smith’s violent reactions send a very wrong message to the world that if you are insulted and hurt your feelings to a “joke” you have the right to just immediately hurt anybody just like that!…IT’S UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Kimi Wong:

Jaden tweeted later: “And that’s how we do it”. That’s just representing the gutless people who raised you. If Jada is so insecure about her hair loss then why did she flaunt it and not wear a wig like millions of other women do in that situation. Or was she looking for sympathy handouts. I bet Bruce Willis wishes his problem was only hair loss. My heart goes out to him.


I guess if you’re rich, privileged, and live in a fantasy world where you’re more important than everyone else you get to assault people and get away with it on live tv. For him to assume Chris Rock even knew about his wife’s condition is about as arrogant as you can get, so self-important…

Phill Martin:

Alopecia” or “baldness” is not a life threatening condition. It can be genetic, environmental, hormonal, caused by malnourishment, or over processing/styling of the hair and scalp according to the Mayo Clinic. The joke about Jada’s buzzcut was timid compared to jokes about obesity and sexual activities, it definitely was not worthy of another example of “Black on Black” violence.

Joyce Duncan:

At first I thought he should be banned for five years. But then I thought whenever he shows up someone is going to say/ ask/ bring up the assault.
So I agree: lifetime ban. Chris Rock, sadly, will suffer PTSD after being assaulted in front of millions of people. And you know that there are mean evil folks that will go to his concert and heckle mean things to him, the victim of an assault.


This was a despicable act and will probably cost him dearly in regards to loss of money and fans. I have lost respect for Will Smith and have vowed to never watch anything he does in the future or his past work. “It’s amazing on one of the greatest evenings of your life you act a complete moron.” Big up to Chris Rock for standing up like a man and keeping it professional and for apologizing for something he knew nothing about. I am not sure I could have acted so valiantly and with such class and character as he did after such a disrespectful act by Smith.