Wanda Sykes Shares Her Account of The Oscars

Oscars host Wanda Sykes shared her personal account of where she was when the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith occurred, and how she feels about what happened that night.



Hey Will I hope you’re watching videos like these and reading everyone’s comments. What you did was b.s. and childish and will never be forgotten. Chris should sue, the image of him getting slapped will stay forever. Your apology isnt enough.


Thank you Wanda. You are genuine. The people in that room are faked. It’s incredible that they even cheered on the acceptance speech. Chris is a class act- RESPECT!

Jennilyn Bravo:

The fact that Chris took that slap on the face, kept himself composed, smoothly continued hosting, and even apologized to Wanda and other hosts… says a lot about his character. He’s a professional. He’s considerate to others’ feelings even after having to face his past trauma. Kudos to him.

Yahaira Lira:

Props to Wanda for speaking out on this. I’ve seen multiple celebrities getting canceled because they don’t agree with what happen. You can’t even form your own opinion without people telling you what u can and can’t say because if u disagree with them they go against u

Ramisa Ahmed:

Chris handled it so well and him apologising to Wanda is a reflection of his good character. My heart goes out to all of them.

Kenzie J:

One could hear Wanda’s pain as her voice breaks while rehashing the assault that took place that evening. The Academy put on a great show ALL involved was amazing.


It’s absolutely refreshing to hear Wanda & Ellen say exactly what I was thinking & feeling about what Will did! I couldn’t believe Will was allowed to stay and then get a standing ovation when he won. It was repulsive & shameful! Chris Rock handled the whole situation with composure & class.


Big Kudos to Wanda for having a spine and saying what should have really happened to will…


I totally agree Wanda so sad Will couldn’t channelled his emotions in a more healthy way and address the wounding and issues he has with the extreme actions he took. Abuse in any form is simply unacceptable and not ok. Thank you Wanda

Kyle Magnuson:

Glad some people actually live in reality. Wanda’s take on the situation is exactly how I felt.