‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans In Uproar After Contestant Loses Trip To Puerto Rico On A Technicality

“Wheel of Fortune” fans are in another uproar after a contestant misses out on a trip to Puerto Rico due to a small technicality.


Alan Macphail:

Don’t know why people are upset. I gasped when I heard his answer. Everyone knew the mistake right away. It’s a major rule of the game, not a technicality.

Cornelieus Fields:

Rules of rules I mean it’s just like the law if a cop gives you a ticket for speeding and write your license plate number down that case has to be dismissed. That license plate doesn’t match your car or vehicle it’s somebody else’s. So that’s an error.

Wayne Brown:

Rules are rules and have been in WOF since it began. Keep your wits and follow the rules.
You know everyone is briefed before and have been watching for years

sean vogt:

This rules has been part of WOF since it’s start in 1975. “A” is not part of the puzzle. You must read what it says on the board. No controversy here.

Miles Morris:

I’ve been watching Wheel all my life. As such, with the show coming under protest from viewers over technicalities, I’ve always sided with the show and its producers for the calls they make, especially with that lady who lost out on that Audi. But I don’t know. This is probably the one time I have to disagree with their decision. I agree that rules are rules, but it really sounded to me like he said “uh” as opposed to “a”. I know it’s a rule of the game but it’s kind of a crappy rule in a way. Nonetheless, I concede that rules are rules. Overall, I’m mixed on the matter.

J Del:

There are technicalities in all game shows this should be no different… maybe he should have phrased it in the form of a question without the “a Frozen Concoction”
Kidding. .lol
You made a mistake and Pat Sajak had to be the bad guy…. I’m okay with that

Jeffrey Hare:

Rules are rules and so glad Wheel of Fortune enforces them as they should. I honestly thought the guy was going to cry!
‘Officer I know the light was red, but I waited 15 seconds and it didn’t change so I just went through it.’ Jeopardy! needs to follow suit, folks still writing after the 30 seconds to write down the final question. Last night was the worst, and to top it off the guy was from Brooklyn, NY and answer happened in Manhattan—and missed it!!

Vivian Kontz:

He didn’t say ” A frozen Concoction ” . His intention was to say ” Frozen Concoction ” he said , “uh” meaning his mind went blank for a split second, then said “Frozen Concoction “. “Uh” isn’t a word !
You owe him a apology and a trip to Puerto Rico all expenses paid !!!


Also…. “A” IS NOT A WORD. Some people believe that “A” is a word. He merely took a breath of relief knowing he’ll solve it, which made it sound like “uh” or “a”. There are words or phrases out there that just need a little start, because they would sound weird without. Like starting from within a sentence.

Minerva Garza:

I would guess Wheel of Fortune by using that precis rule of pronunciation would have to eliminate everyone who speaks with an accent, and people from foreign countries who can not or do not know how to pronounce certain words, to the liking of the show, they should not invite them on the show in the first place, it is not fair to the contestant.