Will Smith’s SLAP at Oscars 2022: Celebrities REACT | E! News

Trevor Noah, Sophia Bush and more share their take on the physical altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock at Oscars 2022!


Dan Stewart:

Will Smith took the greatest moment of his professional career and turned into a moment of extreme embarrassment and shame.

Jose Tamez:

That was wrong on so many levels. I’m not a big Rock fan but that was embarrassing for me and I don’t know either one of them. To walk up to someone and physically assault that person in front of millions of people on national television over a tasteless joke and not be held accountable for it is outrageous and hypocritical of the Oscars, to say the least. He even laughed at the joke before walking up there. WTF!

Erika Rivera:

Chris Rock was a class act and true professional. My heart goes out to Chris’s family,…his kids …his mom! It took a true Man to be the better person.
Will gave such a hypocritical speech,..come Dude!!! You got the oscar… no need to continue acting!
He should have been removed from the ceremony and sent home immediately.


I’ve always loved Will Smith starting with his rap career, enjoyed his sitcom for years, movies and then he authored a best seller. I even visited the Grand Canyon years ago because of what he shared about the experience. Ironically, last year, he said he would never make movies about vengeance, I wonder will he now.

Med Spark:

So much hypocrisy here! If you asked any one of the members of the attending audience I guarantee they would have all said that violence is not an acceptable response to someone’s words. Especially a comedian who has been hired to roast the members of said audience, especially if his joke was scripted, and ESPECIALLY if Will Smith was in attendance for the rehearsal! Then all of them gave Will a standing ovation as he received an award and apologized to everyone EXCEPT the victim of his assault.Hypocrites

Iconic Performers Then and Now by: Aavalé Storm:

Will could have simply said at his acceptance speech he was not pleased about the joke and wants an apology. Violence is not going to solve anything if anything it made it worse.

Warren Feagins:
“I’ve been wanting to slap someone for over a year, so I wanna thank Chris for giving me an outlet to take my anger out on instead of slapping the person who has actually disrespected and never loved me. This gives the illusion that I won’t be disrespected despite the fact that I actually LAUGHED. I will continue to embarrass myself in the hopes that someday she loves me even though I know she never will. Thank you Chris. Thank you Academy and most of all thank you Dwayne Johnson, Jason Mamoa and 50 Cent for not being up there telling that joke because I would have NEVER walked up on you guys.”


Incredibly disappointed in Will Smith. It’s just ridiculous to assault someone over a goofy joke. This made a terrible example for young folks and was very insecure and self-centered as a war is going on. How does a rich and famous person not have a thicker skin?


RESPECT to Chris Rock for being the adult. He made a silly joke that compared Jada to another beautiful woman. Get over it. A war is going on and the night was about Will Smith’s feelings.