Will This Ginger Rapper Be The Next Ed Sheeran?! GOLDEN BUZZER

Watch Chase Goehring sing his original song A’capella and get DJ Khaled’s golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent 2017.


Lydia Bentley:

Very unique and entertaining. I think he’s the whole package. Incredible song and lyrics and his delivery was perfection


As an Ed Sheeran huge fan since his beginnings, I remember Ed in him in his humble beginnings. GL to you man!

Michael Savides:

He just squashed kick a Ginger Day because he just kicked so much ass! Hell yeah! That was a dope song and he is definitely going to crush it from now on! Good luck brother!

Monique love1:

Very talented & creative which made it interesting. It was different. He has an amazing style of his own. 🥰

Tamie Jean Turner Turner:

Go DJ Khaled wow you just made his dreams come true you’re so amazing and he is also more amazing just as amazing and awesome talented sweet kind young man. God bless you young man I hope you go far. Your parents must be so proud of you

R Kesler:

I would have totally died DJ is the Man!!!!!
He is the best and when he compliments you that says a lot

James Yeang:

This wasn’t an audition / 1st round was it? Not sure I’ve ever seen a non 1st round get a golden buzzer. Really good

Morgan Fern:

He was amazing! What season was this? I did not see this episode. I would have voted for him every single week.

Isaac Sherwin:

dude your hot af, with an amzing voice im cheering for you to win all the way. well done dude big ups to you 🙂